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Spectra-West Sales

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Offering High Quality Components since 1994





Manufacturers Representative since 1994

Products Represented-    RF and Microwave components and systems

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 RF & Microwave


CrossPoint Technologies Inc.- Router and Matrix Switching Systems

-Broadband Router and Matrix Switching Systems

- Military, SATCOM and Commercial applications


Dolan-Jenner Industries, Inc- Illuminators and Fiber Optics

-Fiber Optics- Glass, Quartz, High Temperature and Custom Fiber bundles

-Fiber-Lite Illuminators- Quartz Halogen, LED, Metal Halide and High Output


IF Engineering- Loads, Dividers, Mixers & Combiners : DC-8 GHz / 50 & 75 Ohm         

Leading manufacturer for - Directional Couplers, Power Splitters, Power Dividers & Combiners- up to 32- way

And also Quadrature Hybrids, Phase Shifters, Phase Detectors, Multi-Couplers, Distribution Amplifiers

Heavily involved in numerous applications in Radar Systems, Cellular, PCS Base Stations, Teleports and Wireless communications for Military, Space, Medical and Telecommunications industries.


 Genex Cabling Products- Wire and Cable Products

USA manufacturer for a wide range of products including High Temperature wire and cable, Coaxial Cable, Audio cable,

Control Cable, Audio cable, Instrumentation cable, Security and Data cable, Hook-up wire and Thermocouple cable.

They also can handle custom requirements and offer many shielding options.

 Laptech Precision Inc.- High quality precision quartz crystals     

-Quartz crystals SC, AT, IT and BT cut, 1 MHz to 300 MHz / Metal, glass and low profile smd


RFX Limited - OCXO, TCXO, VCXO and PPL Precision Oscillators

- Excellent phase noise, low ageing and low jitter and miniature GPS frequency standard

-1 MHZ - 2.4 GHz from +/- 0.005 ppm


Micro-Precision Technologies-   High Precision Thick Film substrates

High quality manufacturer of thick film substrates, Hybrid Integrated circuits, Multichip modules for the Military, Industrial and Commercial markets. They also offer complete hybrid assembly service. They are MIL-PRF-38534 Class H qualified, QML-38534 listed certified by DSCC and ISO 9001:2008


Spectra-West Sales- offers complimentary services for our customers

Bandpass filters,Glass-to-metal seals, Feed-Throughs, Membrane Switches, Circuit Boards up to 30 layers, Thermal Interface materials, High power resistors,Trackballs and Keyboards, Contract manufacturing and assembly


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RF and Microwave components and systems